Prayagad! The Healthcare Information Platform (HIP)


Are you a doctor? Tried all sorts of EHR softwares?

With hundreds of HMS and PMS solutions out there, and some of them being really good ones, Doctors are still unable to create Electronic Medical Records. We have introduced speech and NLP to simplify this process for doctors while retaining their favourite HMS or PMS. We provide simple integration SDKs and empower doctors. Not just that, we also provide real time insights to doctors basis the context of the current discussion with the patient. 



Are you a patient? Still confused about the right doctors, labs, files and what those reports mean!

We digitise, simplify , segregate and even summarise your records for your doctors. We also knock on your doctors screen with your reports and request them to give you a response without you having to visit them.



Do you run  and manage hospitals ?

We are building, just what you need. With structured clinical records you will have insights in to the clinical practices and you can help patients preempt their illnesses and provide preventive and connected care.




About Prayagad

With a team of 7 passionate engineers and an equal number of enthusiastic doctors, we are trying to crack some of the toughest technology problems  and contribute to enabling technology in healthcare.

At our Bangalore based start-up , we are building a Healthcare Intelligence Platform (HIP) for providing intelligence based on clinical data using ML / AI.

Our first offering is a Natural Language Processing based Intelligent CPOE which functions like a smart assistant for a doctor and uses speech to enable creation of physician orders and other sections of a case sheet . Our IP begins at this point where we provide realtime clinical insights for physicians. This solution is a platform which has been designed to integrate with existing Healthcare IT Systems and enrich them further.

We believe that our platform has the potential to enhance productivity for clinicians and improve clinical performance.