Bravo. You have arrived!

Welcome to Prayagad! The confluence of healthcare and technology


Are you a doctor? Tried all sorts of softwares?

Yeah… We know how you feel about them. Soon, your wait will be over.



Are you a patient? Still confused about the right doctors, labs, files and what those reports mean!

Take a chill pill. We will be there for you.



Are you the hospital guys ? One tough business you guys are in.Oops , did we say business!

We are making, just what you need.






So , what are we up to ?

Honestly! Can’t talk much about it. Yet.

We will let our bats do the talking i.e. we will let our product do the talking. Very soon !

But since you are here –  2 bored individuals with a midlife crisis and a big fire in the belly decided to solve a major problem! And see if it helps someone in the process. Or may be the other way round.

Healthcare was the obvious choice of industry, just because it is in vogue, and technology shy at the same time. We thought , we might as well take a shot and see if our charms work.

The usual suspects – records, data, AI will be the way forward for us.

But we are doing some ice cold stuff. Our team tell us they haven’t seen or heard of anything like what they are building. So far every day has seen wow moments!

To quote one of our potential customers – ” I don’t know if you are smoking something but if you pull this off, it will be revolutionary “.


No canvas is big enough to paint, when it is a matter of mankind’s health

Coming Soon